It feels like it is Christmas!

"IT LOOKS LIKE a Christmas tree!", so I thought when I took a snapshot of this plant drenched with water. "Where the tree tops glisten..." goes the famous Yuletide song.  But no, these photos were not taken last December but sometime in March. 😀 For citysonnet's photo a day No. 2: Glisten For Debbie's Six word … Continue reading It feels like it is Christmas!

His So-Called Old Life

I SHARED a short conversation with my grandnephew, Jared, many posts ago.  I am now writing another,  this time a dialogue with my sister. (Note:  I heard this conversation this morning.  It was partly in Tagalog, except for his last reply which was in English.) Jared:  You know, I miss the times when I need … Continue reading His So-Called Old Life