The Green Sheets After the Rain

I LIVE IN A TROPICAL PLACE where the climate has now shifted from dry to rainy season. Although the sweltering weather still lingers—it hasn't been raining continuously like it used to—I still find joy with what I see after a good, refreshing downpour. The moss build up! For Debbie's Six Word Saturday.

When Nature Speaks, Listen.

I stopped to listen Rustling leaves and a sweet tune Of birds' loud chirping. In the neighborhood: I took the chance to record the sounds-—the strong wind made the rustling noise and then the distinct melody of the birds, as if I'd just overheard a conversation! Featured image from

Dazzling Night: Songs from LA POEM’s First Mini-Album

LA POEM launched its debut album, Scene #1 last December 2, 2020. It is their first official recording since winning the title in JTBC's Phantom Singer for season 3 last July. Here is Dazzling Night/Gleamy Night  눈부신 밤, one of the seven songs in the album. I personally find it so close to what the quartet … Continue reading Dazzling Night: Songs from LA POEM’s First Mini-Album

You’ll Just Know

You'll know how technology runs in the veins of kids nowadays. Once I heard my grandnephew Jared being asked to slow down while saying his bedtime prayers. As he raced towards Amen, he was then made to repeat it and to do it sincerely. He replied, "Okay, I'll restart". (Image from unsplash)