"Handwriting is a very important academic skill - part of our heritage. The loss of this skill is like the loss of a language." I HAVE been using my trusty laptop to write my articles for years now. Each time I need to browse, search for some ideas or send greetings, I just hit the … Continue reading Back to Loops and Strokes

Back to Loops and Strokes

MY SEVENTH featured video is SOS , written and performed by one of Japan's renowned rock and J-pop bands, Sekai No Owari, also known as End of the World.  The Fantastic Four.  From left:  Fukase, DJ Love, Saori and Nakajin.  What I love most in this song is how the instrumental parts where played, kicking the classical music lover in me. Saori, the only female member of the group, … Continue reading Featured Video No. 7: SOS

Featured Video No. 7: SOS

One of the iconic songs of the '80s is probably I Want to Know What Love Is by the rock band, Foreigner.   I featured this song's extended version owing to its unique take and artistry.  You will hear about a minute of instrumentals before the lyrics start, something that puts more passion in this song. This award-winning, … Continue reading Featured Video No. 6: I Want to Know What Love Is

Featured Video No. 6: I Want to Know What Love Is