Hi, I’ve been out of sight for quite a long time and I’ve finally finished a wonderful Korean drama, Circle: Two Worlds Connected.  As I wrote  ages  ago, viewers were so into  hype about an alien landing on earth in its pilot episode.  So many things came and happened, and I can only assure you that only those (maybe you) who have watched this can truly feel the awesomeness of this drama.  And so as I have promised, this is the second take about this drama.

Wicked.  This drama is perfectly wicked!  The word that first came to mind after finishing its last episode.  True to its genre as a sci-fi thriller/drama series, Circle cut through my thoughts as episodes were revealed.

The plot about an alien seen for the first time was just the tip of the iceberg.  All along I had a nagging feeling that the “others” were just interested to live on earth.  That they were so enamored by the way humans live and would wanted to live among men, or maybe adapt to their culture.  But it was definitely more, or shall I say not quite about that.

Yeo Jin Goo, Gong Seong Yeon and Kim Kang Woo as the main characters. (Photo scooped from dramabeans)

The story touched on how humans came up with the scientific project to store one’s memories like a video.  The idea basically tried to mimic any storage device (a chip to be exact) that contains anyone’s  memories.  This was patterned based on the alien’s technology (which I can no longer explain how!).

Here’s the twist.  The whole plan aimed to block anything you can remember! Why? As part of a medical study,  this project was intended to help those suffering from PTSD, better known as post traumatic stress disorder.   This was just the main plan.  But somewhere along, one of the scientists involved got a wee bit greedy!  He felt this could even aid those who wanted to forget their sad, unpleasant memories.  Felons could forget their crimes.  This Smart Earth  idea was inhabited by people who had their memories blocked.  They did not even remember about their past.  See, that’s why there were no criminals around.

The idea of blocking someone else’s memories was never a good idea.  As it found some sense in this drama, one of the characters, Lee Ho Soo aka Erro, realized this should not have happened at all.  He was one of those who started to feel the rush of past episodes about himself and of the person he once loved.

Lee Gi Kwang as Erro. (Photo scooped from dramabeans)

Men need memories, happy or unpleasant.  It links us to our past: family, friends, places, etc.  It defines us, helps us in any relationships or endeavors.  It maybe harsh to those who have bad memories.  It is needed  so those who were at fault,   specially the criminals, could remember what wrong they have done.

This drama shows a side of our future.  Technology must be used to uplift the lives of many.   It is not meant to satisfy one’s greed.  What use is it to live in a hi-tech world if it is manipulated and controlled by someone who makes money out of this?

Circle has exceptionally captivated me.  This must be the best sci-fi (or is it even the first?) drama from Korea’s tvN cable channel. Every episode offers a major twist which is refreshing yet interesting.  The script is daebak!  It doesn’t lag and is straight to the point. The actors are real talents.  There are no big or small roles to make this drama wicked.  


No big or small roles.  (Scooped from Dramafever.com)

(Featured gif taken from littlecloverstar.tumblr.com)

Circle: The Shape of Our Future (Part 2)

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