Three Little Planets in my Hand

marbles edited

Treasures that are not silver or gold.

I STILL find marbles enchanting.  They are like the planets we only see in pictures.  I found these pieces stashed in an old box, full of dust.  Cleaned them and took a photo.

Now I can finally hold them.


For Debbie’s Six Word Saturday. 

4 thoughts on “Three Little Planets in my Hand

  1. If only they could talk! I’ve collected thousands of marbles over the years, many from the 1800’s. Some are in perfect condition. Sadly, many are what we collectors refer to as “Warriors.” That’s because, well, marbles were played with , and many suffered chips and cracks during battles on the sandlots and streets, or wherever a game broke out and kids were “knuckling down” to try to add someone else’s marbles to their buckskin bags.
    So, when I see someone like you posting a pic of some marbles that have been in the shadows for some time, I smile. I smile because they’ve seen the light of day. Maybe not to “play”, but maybe to be added to a flower pot or garden. They might be destined to be handed to a loved one or someone who mentioned they collected marbles. I loved your reflection on planets and finally being able to hold them. Marbles take me back to simpler times, before television and cell phones, and Social Networks. It was just the marbles, the outdoors, friends(social network) and memories. Thanks for posting!

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    • Thanks for noticing and you’re welcome.

      I’m actually not flashy with treasures; these marbles actually bring me to my childhood because even if I knew then they were just made of hard plastic or synthetic glass, it was how they were made that amazed me. I did not play with them. I just loved the clashing sounds whenever I squeeze a bunch inside a netted pouch. But of course, not without taking a closer look to every bubble and those color patterns frozen inside. And 👍👍👍 for your huge collection!

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