Scent of Summer

I HAD a share of sweeping our backyard from dust and dry leaves.  As a young girl, I would often delay doing that chore because it was too tiring:  ah, my usual alibi!  That was school break.  Summer vacation.

During that time, my father was still around.  He would give me orders about cleaning our small backyard and which spot I should work on.  We had an ample space for a few set of flowering plants and one fruit-bearing tree.  Summertime filled the ground with lots of dry leaves.  I didn’t think much about it nor find out why.  The only thing that mattered to me then was to gather everything near the tree and finish the chore.

One time, I decided to see what my father would do next.  He nudged me to move backwards as he prepared to crumple pages of old newspapers with a box of matches on hand.  He lit a piece of paper and carefully put it underneath the pile of leaves.  As soon as the fire spread, he slowly patted it with a wooden stick until a ribbon of smoke appeared.

For me, the scent was somewhat sweet.  I was not sure if it had something to do with the kind of leaves.  Although it was smoke, it was distinctly fresh.  I did not mind having it linger on my hair and clothes, that to my mother’s disapproval.

It was the scent of my summer for a few years.   Even if we no longer do that now for safety and environmental reasons,  the scent is still vivid as if I can see and taste it.


For Daily Prompts,  Day 15: Scent.

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