Compassion regardless of age and breed

TODAY IS A NICE DAY.  I feel good and grateful because something special happened to someone.  And that someone is a dog.  He is a senior dog that I fondly call, “Pappy”.

Pappy is our neighbors’ dog, a dark brown Labrador. Our neighbors happen to be an elderly couple who will soon move out of their home. They have actually asked me if I could adopt Pappy, something that stuck in my mind.

Having a dog as a pet is not new to us. We had quite a few, years back. What fill our space now are stray cats that come, eat, visit, sleep and apparently own the best spots around. I had a plan to free up some space for him just in case, but family members had divided opinions. Difficult.

I used to greet Pappy each time I pass by, sometimes to pat his head. The elderly man always give him his regular share of dog cereal and drink, but he hasn’t given enough attention to this dog like what most humans do to their pets. It was during those days when he and his wife would leave the house for long hours that I noticed the dog needed his refill of food and water. A quick trip to a nearby supermarket was all it took after I decided to feed him a bit. Good thing I could easily put his supply through the gated fence. Eventually, that small meal was followed by a tasty treat.  Why not a chewy dessert?  So nightly, I would hand him a strip of beef jerky. This gesture probably was the reason why he allowed me to touch his nose, and he, to lick my hands in return. “I always give Pappy some treats, sir,” I said as an opening conversation to our neighbor one day. The elderly man smiled, thanked me then joked I might be spoiling him too much.  You know that’s not too much, right?

This morning, I learned he is taken by his new family: another couple!  No word on this but it seemed something led me to look outside the window and heard people talking.  I was curious then rushed out of the house.  It’s Pappy! And he’s riding on an improvised padyak or pedicab, a useful means of carrying goods.  He is about to leave.  Luckily I was able to bid him goodbye, to pat his head and to touch his nose once again. I even gave them his treats and a whole can of dog food. I found out that they have been familiar with Pappy since they deliver the elderly couple’s daily newspaper for many years.  It was also good to know these two have another dog waiting at home so I feel Pappy is ready for the next chapter.  Hopefully a better one. 

Seriously, I included Pappy in my prayers, and even asked St. Francis of Assisi to help him find a good home: a family or anyone who can protect and give him constant affection he needs.  I see this as an answered prayer.

No photos taken, but it is raining the entire morning except during this lovely moment.  I saw an unusual glow in Pappy’s eyes as the sunshine kissed his face, and how he wagged his tail as we whispered his name and made a hand gesture as a quick farewell. 

Prayers indeed help.  Or it must be His will to save and protect this senior dog.  Pappy is one of His creations afterall, and we, as stewards, must show compassion to them regardless of age or breed. 

For Debbie Smyth’s Six Word Saturday.


Close, but it’s not him. Photo by Jen Vazquez Photography on Unsplash.

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